dead cells prisoners edition

Are you a huge, hardcore fan of the equally hardcore roguelike platformer Dead Cells? Are you English-born Australian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, entrepreneur and activist Olivia Newton-John? Are you both? Well then, miss Olivia (can I call you miss Olivia?), have I got some news for you. Motion Twin has announced that Dead Cells is getting a beefy new collector’s edition full of gorgeous physical trinkets that are sure to bring out the animal in you and make your body talk. C’mon, let’s get physical.

dead cells prisoners edition

The new special physical release of Dead Cells, titled the Prisoner’s Edition, will run you a crisp $109.99. While that may seem like a steep price point, the Motion Twin and Merge collaboration is packed full of every kind of fan-pleasing goodie imaginable. The full release comes in a gorgeous metal tin, with an embossed finish and the sharp Dead Cells logo imprinted on the front. Upon opening the tin, the biggest thing you’ll be greeted by is the massive 22CM / 8.5″” figure of the protagonist of Dead Cells, the Prisoner. You’ll also find a 7″ vinyl soundtrack for the game, printed on a gorgeous golden disc that is guaranteed to stand out in your video game vinyl collection.

Along with those massive goodies, the Prisoner’s Edition of Dead Cells also includes 3 enamel pins and 4 adorable metallic stickers. You’ll also be getting the special Action Game of the Year edition of the game, which includes a bonus keychain and artbook packed in. The Prisoner’s Edition is completed with a special art card, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and a redeemable DLC code to access the upcoming DLC expansion for the game, The Bad Seed. While it’s a shame that all of the content isn’t included in the physical copy of the game, it’s nice of Motion Twin to include the upcoming expansion for the game in this special release at all.

Dead Cells – The Prisoner’s Edition will be released on June 23 for $109.99.


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