Dead or School Nintendo Switch release date March 13 Marvelous Studio Nanafushi, aka weird sexy school chick

Publisher Marvelous and developer Studio Nanafushi are bringing 2.5D action sidescroller Dead or School to Nintendo Switch on March 13. It will release digitally in North America, but Europe and Australia will receive it both digitally and physically. Marvelous states the game originally released for Steam in 2018, though Steam itself says 2019, so 2018 was likely an Early Access release date.

In Dead or School, humans live underground in post-apocalyptic Tokyo because (of course) zombies took over. Now here’s where things get super weird: “After hearing stories of high school life above ground from her grandmother, our protagonist, Hisako, dreams of experiencing this mysterious and energetic lifestyle for herself; wearing her grandmother’s old school uniform Hisako ventures into the zombie infested Tokyo in order to reclaim the city and go to school.” That is an extraordinary passion for schooling, Hisako!

Players will use the subway system to travel around Tokyo taking on missions, and they will be able to upgrade Hisako’s weapons and skill set, in addition to unlocking new weapons as they go. A fresh Dead or School trailer illustrates how you’ll be slashing and shooting your way to victory.

An old Indiegogo page states Dead or School was originally developed by three people, and it honestly shows in some respects, particularly in Hisako’s stiff walking animation. Although, the literal anime animations look pretty great, so Studio Nanafushi has some clear talent. At the very least, I’d say this game is worth keeping on your radar, and with a protagonist who looks like, uh, her, the game may be hard not to notice anyway.


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