Death Squared limited edition physical release

Death Squared, the 2017 puzzle game from SMG Studio, is getting a limited physical release this week. The game has previously seen a retail option of sorts, when it got a code-in-a-box version for Nintendo Switch, but this marks its first cartridge release. This edition comes via 1Print Games, and a preorder option is now live.

If you want to get your hands on a copy, it’s probably worth being quick about it. 1Print Games is only producing 1500 units of this worldwide, so we don’t expect them to hang around for long. At launch, Death Squared Limited Edition costs $35 and comes with a suite of extras to sweeten the deal.

Death Squared limited

The Limited Edition comes with a copy of the physical game on Switch, a Death Squared Bots Keychain, a Numbered Authenticity Card, a Testing Manual, and a Death Squared Logo Sticker. SMG Studio CEO Ashley Ringrose is certainly happy a proper physical release has finally seen the light of day. “It’s taken many years but we finally have one of those sour little carts in our hands. I never thought this day would happen,” said Ringrose.

Since launch, Death Squared has sold over 300,000 units on all platforms, making it quite a success for the Australian indie studio. The Death Squared limited run release from 1Print Games releases for Switch on Sept. 18.

[Source: PR]

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