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Developer TeamNora Games and publisher HypeTrain Digital have announced DeathStick, an action platformer that will release for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in the admittedly really distant release window of Q3 2022. TeamNora Games consists of just one person, solo developer Alexey Tronov, so that could explain why the game will need a while in the oven. Composing duo Fat Bard is providing the game’s soundtrack.

In addition to the game’s generally beautiful pixel art, DeathStick has a couple major hooks, one of which is a world-switching mechanic called “World Warp.” This mechanic “turns the special in-game areas 180 degrees, transfers the protagonist into another dimension, and unlocks new locations.” You can see this in action in the game’s short teaser trailer. The game’s other major hook is combo-centric combat, where you can perform melee or ranged attacks on the ground or send enemies into the air for aerial combos.

The premise of DeathStick is that the magical world of Aarkalia comprises two balanced dimensions. However, when an ancient god’s power is ignited, it risks destroying the world, so young protagonist Mako has to stop a “dark ritual” from occurring and solve the mystery of the Great Mirror, which will involve multiple endings.

DeathStick will receive a PC demo sometime in 2021, which will hopefully keep your interest in the game high as the long wait to release drags on. At the least, it’s nice that the developer and HypeTrain Digital aren’t promising a release date that would just end up getting delayed by a year anyway, which has occurred many times with many Nintendo Switch games this year thanks to COVID-19.

Let us know what you think of this promising, action-packed Metroidvania.

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