Get ready to unleash your inner Bambi.

\"DeerA new Kickstarter game has been revealed by developer Crescent moon games that lets people enter the danger prone world of being a deer called The Deer God.  You play as a hunter who after a freak accident ends up getting transformed into a deer and tries to survive.  Originally stated to be for the PC, the developer plans to release the game on other platforms including the Wii U if it manages to meet its funding goals.

The Deer God is a 2D Platformer  with graphics reminiscent of the NES and SNES days. The game allows your deer to gain power ups in the form of ice bombs, fire shields, and razor hooves among other unique skills. The game also has a karma system which determines what your deer will reincarnate as if it dies. Earning bad karma will result in your deer moving down the food chain in the form of a plant or another life form.

If The Deer God is successfully funded, Crescent Moon plans to release the game around January, 2015.


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