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Today marks the 6th anniversary of the release of indie sensation Undertale. To celebrate, creator Toby Fox teamed up with Fangamer for a 4-hour live stream event. The group showed off concept art and talked about development, all while playing through Deltarune Chapter 1. It’s been three years since we got that first taste of Undertale‘s successor, and everyone’s been craving more ever since. Fortunately, the wait is almost over! Deltarune Chapter 2 launches later this week.

Deltraune Chapter 2 release date

At the end of the Undertale 6th Anniversary live stream, Fox debuted the first gameplay footage for Deltarune Chapter 2. I won’t spoil what it showed off, but you can watch for yourself if you want to get hyped. And it won’t be a long wait! The footage ended with the announcement that Chapter 2 will launch on Friday, September 17, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. That’s less than two days away!

Currently, Fox is only listing Deltarune Chapter 2 as being available for PC. You’ll be able to download it at, and I’m sure it will arrive on other platforms in the near future. Chapter 1 is also available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. According to the official FAQ, you’ll be able to transfer your save data from Chapter 1. However, you can also play Chapter 2 without any save data. You can just hop right in, though Fox recommends you catch up on the story.

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