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Two weeks ago, Deltarune Chapter 2 finally launched, three years after the original demo of the game. Ever vigilant, developer Toby Fox and his team have been listening to player feedback and issuing updates to improve the overall experience. The latest Deltarune update just went out on both PC and PlayStation 4. It has also been submitted for release on Nintendo Switch, but it takes a little longer to get approved there. In the meantime, you can check out the list of changes, courtesy of Fox himself.

Deltarune Chapter 1&2 Update Changes


  • PC: 1.07
  • PS4: 1.03
  • Switch: 1.03b

Both Chapters:

  • While dodging bullets in battle, you can now hold the cancel button (X key) to move at half speed.

Chapter 1:

  • ShadowCrystal will now display in your KEY ITEMs after you defeat Jevil. 
  • If you load a file from Chapter 1 where you defeated Jevil, it will appear in your inventory in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2:

  • If you have already completed the chapter, checking Kris’s bed at the beginning of the game allows you to skip straight to the Cyber World. 
  • If you defeated enemies in Chapter 1 with violence, there is now slightly different dialogue in Chapter 2 when you first meet Lancer. 
  • The hidden boss becomes subtly more difficult when angry.
  • R-Action: FluffyGuard was improved in various ways. You can hold the cancel button (X key) to stop the rotation of the fluff ball. 


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