Dentist game collection Mario Bros

Dentist Eric Naierman has acquired a collection of exceedingly rare titles. Made of around 40 games, the collection consisted of factory-sealed and one-of-a-kind titles and was purchased for $1.02 million. The NES titles included first editions of Mario Bros., the only two sealed first editions of Golf, and the only known sealed first editions of Balloon Fight and Gumshoe.

The three collectors responsible for the sale spent a combined 52 years assembling the collection. Considering the NES has only been around since 1983, that’s a total of 18 years longer than its existence. To put the value of the individual games into focus, the highest price recorded for a sale of Mario Bros. for the NES was $100,150. That means that the rest of the games probably average more than I make in a year, no sweat. I’ll admit, I definitely googled “median dentist income.”

Naierman says that he had become disillusioned with collecting baseball cards. He wanted a collection that could be considered one of the best in the world. I’m no expert in this sort of thing, but with this, he definitely got my attention. Most of us have no use for a factory-sealed copy of Mario Bros., let alone two copies of Golf, though. So I’m glad that someone is appreciating them. As prices for classic NES games skyrocket, it puts that $20 Nintendo Switch Online subscription into focus.


Cody Morris
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