With the new downloadable content coming to Mario Kart 8 tomorrow for the Wii U, a patch will also be in place for the game. Update patch 4.0 will launch along side the DLC, and here is a list of what details are known about the patch thus far:

  • 9 new Amiibo Suits added
  • 200cc class added

    ? Grand Prix: Must beat all cups on 150cc to play Grand Prix on 200cc
    ? VS race: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
    ? Online play custom rules: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
    ? Friend Lobby: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
    ? Tournament settings: 200cc can be selected from the beginning.
    ? When you Brake while Drifting in 200cc mode, sparks will fly from your tires.
    ? Breaking now possible while drifting using the Wii Remote by pushing B, 1, & 2 buttons at the same time.
    ? Able to add CPU players to Online Custom Rules, but only human players will count for scoring.

    ? Pressing the minus button on the following controllers will now put the map on the screen:

    Wii U Pro Controller
    Classic Controller
    Wii Remote + Nun-chuck

    ? The seasons on the Animal Crossing course are random except in Time Trials, which is limited to Summer only.
    ? 10 new stamps added for use in Miiverse posts
    ? Bug Fixes

As previously stated, the update for the 200cc mode will be available to all players of Mario Kart 8 for free. Are you excited for tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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