Detective Pikachu estimated to earn $53.6 million on opening weekend

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has been getting pretty good reviews from critics. Many are calling it an adorable and hilarious movie and the best video game adaptation of all time. The movie opened in theaters worldwide May 10, but like most movies nowadays, showings started in the afternoon of the 9th. Detective Pikachu’s Thursday night previews brought in $5.7 million and pointed to the movie turning into a box office success.

Thursday night previews aren’t always a sure-fire way to gauge a movie’s success. Power Rangers opened with an impressive $4 million on its preview night but still failed at the box office. However, Detective Pikachu’s $5.7 million showing is much better than a lot of its contemporaries’ previews. Friday’s box office showed that it doesn’t look like the ticket sales are stagnating.

It’s estimated that Detective Pikachu will make roughly $53.6 million by Sunday. The movie’s budget was around $150 million, so this opening weekend points to the movie being a success. Despite being in theaters at the same time as Avengers: Endgame, Detective Pikachu has stood its ground and proved that not all video game adaptations are bad. And with this turnout, the film’s sequel will probably enter production in the very near future.

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