Talented self-taught indie developer of A Wizard’s Day gearing up for Kickstarter debut

Mike Tonder (PabloXl5) of Tone Red Studios, one of the verified developers in our \”Meet the Game Developers\” sub-forum, is hard at work on a platform adventure game called A Wizard’s Day in development for the PC, Wii U, and PlayStation 4 \”if all goes super well.\” Below are screenshots of the game taken at a much earlier point in the development process.

\"WizardsDay_01\" \"WizardsDay_07\" \"WizardsDay_03\"

The game is set for PC first once he gets the funding he needs to complete the game, which he plans to do via crowd-funding. If he gets approved by Nintendo, a Wii U version of the game will follow.

\”As far as Wii U, yes, I would really like to have that happen,\” Mr. Tonder said addressing our community. \”The GamePad would be really nice to integrate into the game. I definitely have a couple ideas for it. I need to get a hold of Nintendo and get official dev status but one thing at a time. PC and Wii U are my original goals, then maybe PS4 if all goes super well.\”

Many of our forum members have already compared the games to the likes of Super Mario RPG, but while flattered, Tonder says that he’s more drawing inspiration from the game Solstice. That didn\’t stop him from whiping this teaser image. Perhaps an Easter egg is in order?


\”I\’m a little surprised by the Mario RPG vibes. That game never came to mind when designing this. In fact the game it is inspired by is an old NES game called \”Solstice\”.\”

A Wizard’s Day is a game built  from the Unity 3D Engine. Everything you see – from the design and art to the modeling and programming – is done by Mr. Tonder, who has had past experience developing assets for a variety of projects.

Everything in the trailer below, including the music and sounds, are not indicative of what the final game will be.


You can expect a Kickstarter campaign to launch soon, but in the mean time, head over to our forums to join the discussion and development process.


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