Since my last Developer’s Log for ZaciSa’s Last Stand, I have since finished the game and submitted it to Nintendo for Lot Check submission. This will be my second submission for the game, as the first version actually failed Lot Check. The issues at hand were luckily small and easy to fix and this second chance actually helped me out. Along with the issues presented, I was also able to fix or improve a few small things and use this time to add in a brand-new game mode.

This new game mode is called \”Endless Mode.\” It is similar to the other main modes in the game, except this one features no levels and a never-ending supply of enemy ships. With no levels, each enemy ship is just slightly stronger than the one before it. This also means that each enemy, when destroyed, will reward a slightly higher score and money amount. With no break in-between levels, since there are none now, as well as no bonuses, you will have to stay on your toes after each enemy ship is destroyed. With the slight change to gameplay, you will need to think of new clever ways to stay alive.

Now that the game is finished and submitted to Nintendo, what is left for me? Well, right now, as I wait for Nintendo to hopefully approve the game, I am actually starting work on my second Wii U game. I don\’t have too much to share right now, but I can say that I am currently working on a simple physics-based puzzle game with a launch aim of May or June.

Once the game is approved, I plan to give review codes to different sites before it launches so they may review it. What about this site, you may ask? Since I happen to write for the site and. more importantly. get paid to do so, we have all decided that Nintendo Enthusiast will not being doing a review for the game. I do hope to do a game giveaway with the site, as well as do a few giveaways in general outside of the site. How many and when will be determined once I have access to the review codes.

Currently, ZaciSa’s Last Stand is aiming for a North American release by the end of February for $2.99. After launch, I plan to look into getting the game rated in Europe, which is sadly not free, and hope to launch the game in a month or two. I also plan to eventually launch the game in Australia. Since Australia’s game rating agency is notorious with high rating fees, I will be considering them last, but I will plan to launch it there, eventually.

Other things that I plan to do with the game post-launch are free patches that add new functions and new maps to the game. The first patch will be designed to add online leaderboards, as well as at least two new maps. I hope to also add new new modes and features into the game — perhaps some kind of Challenge Mode or Survival Mode. I will have more details on these planned upgrades as they get closer.

While the game is in Lot Check, check out this new trailer for the game:

If you are curious about my game, feel free to follow me on twitter @ZeNfAGames and be sure to check out my own Nintendo Enthusiast Thread on the game here in the \”Meet the Game Developers\” sub-forum.


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