Devil's Hunt Nintendo Switch Sept. 17

1C Entertainment and Layopi Games have announced Devil’s Hunt, a third-person action game that will come to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2020. It is based on a novel by Pawel Lesniak called Equilibrium, and you play as Desmond, a dude who’s somehow so powerful that he singlehandedly (perhaps literally) can decide who wins a war between angels and demons.

And much to my surprise — Devil’s Hunt actually looks good! The 4K launch trailer is really gorgeous, and the game will have nearly two hours’ worth of cinematics, which is a heck of a lot (though you can hear Xenosaga and Metal Gear laughing in the distance). The melee combat promises to be varied and make use of both human and demon skills, and you will allegedly be able to interact with the environment in rich ways.

If you’re somehow already invested in the game’s lore, here’s some more info on Desmond:

Desmond’s life has been steered into a sequence of unfortunate events that led him to lose most of his humanity. Gaining demonic powers and becoming the hell’s executor, he struggles to find a place for himself in the ongoing war. He is both the destroyer and the savior, as his human part is gradually stepping out of the shade of his hunger for vengeance. He fights fiercely with his fists and claws, making use of the skills both his demonic and human sides offer. Passing through the gates of hell and back, he will eventually have to decide where his place is.

More importantly, 1C Entertainment describes the game as a “demon-punching simulator,” and since I’m a red-blooded male that views The Expendables as the pinnacle of entertainment, I think that is some AAA marketing.

Basically, if you’ve conquered Bayonetta 2 in its entirety, Devil’s Hunt could be the perfect next step when it releases on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next year. Devil’s Hunt will release on PC on Sept. 17.


John Friscia
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