Diablo III on Nintendo Switch

The popular PC game Diablo III is making its debut on Nintendo Switch this year, thanks to an article released early by Forbes. The original article has since been removed.

The most notable difference with this Switch release is Ganondorf being playable, either as a Barbarian or Crusader class. Other exclusive items include a chicken as a pet (presumably a Cucco), “Echoes of the Mask” wings, and a Triforce picture frame. It will retail for $60 and come with all of the DLC that released on the other platforms.

Ganondorf as a Barbarian

Multiplayer will also be a key focus. A maximum of four people can play on one Switch, with multiple Switch’s wirelessly, or through online. It’s unknown if there will be touch screen functionality, but it would be a nice way to make use of the console’s features. It’s why fans wanted other Activision Blizzard titles to come to the Wii U. But with the Switch being successful this time around, maybe those ports will come and blend the benefits of a console and a PC.

Ganondorf as a Crusader


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