It appears that the Official Nintendo Magazine (a Spanish publication) has inadvertently spoiled a Mario Kart 8 character. In a preview of their website, they posted an image promoting Mario Kart 8 which includes characters in the game on page 26 of issue 260. One of the characters spot lighted in the bottom right hand corner? Diddy Kong.

This is the first sort of confirmation for Diddy Kong being in the game, as Nintendo has yet to make that confirmation. It would make sense for Diddy Kong to be in the game, considering his karting pedigree (including his N64 and DS kart-based games). Diddy Kong joins the already strong line-up of characters to be included in Mario Kart 8.

Will you be using Diddy Kong when Mario Kart 8 releases on May 30th? Let us know in the comments, along with characters who haven\’t been confirmed that you would like to see in the game as well.

Shawn Long
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