Dino Crisis

The Super Mario Bros. theme. It’s the first song you hear when you start World 1-1. The music is iconic and has had variations throughout Mario’s other adventures across Nintendo’s systems. One place you might not expect to hear the jingle, though, is on Sony’s original PlayStation. However, thanks to data mining, the music was found within the files of Capcom’s PSX game, Dino Crisis 2.

But Mario doesn’t even cameo in Dino Crisis 2!

Twitter user @RSolidSnake11 discovered a remix of the classic tune while perusing Dino Crisis 2‘s data files. You can listen to the unused BGM down below:

By the gods, that sounds awful. It doesn’t even go into the second half of the song! Besides, it has this weird, backward-sounding quality to it. It reminds me of a track in Resident Evil, which was also made by Capcom.

No one knows why this is hidden in Dino Crisis 2. Perhaps it was only there to test audio? Maybe Capcom just really likes Super Mario Bros.? Of course, there’s also the most obvious answer: revenge. Sony made the PlayStation as a result of a partnership gone south with Nintendo. By butchering the Big N’s most famous melody in secret, it had the last laugh.

Audio fanatics, do you dig this creepy rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme? Are you hoping the entire Dino Crisis series makes its way to Switch? Let us know down below!

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