Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories limited edition Nintendo Switch release date April

Disaster Report — that’s a name some of us have not heard in a long time. The third title in the action-packed survival sim, which released in 2009 in Japan for Sony PSP, never released in America. Then the fourth title was outright canceled by developer Irem following 2011’s tragic Tohoku earthquake — but the project was subsequently resurrected by developer Granzella. Now, NIS America will be publishing Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 7. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will receive a special limited edition retailing for $89.99, and the standard edition will be $59.99.

Apparently, the story of this title is that you’ve arrived in town for a job interview when — wham — earthquake! Now you’re suddenly scurrying to survive and making choices about who else to help along the way, if you have the generosity and guts to do so. Have a look at the trailer from NIS America, and brace yourself for graphics that maybe won’t trick you into thinking you’re watching a movie.

The Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories limited edition will contain the game, a soundtrack, a “novelty ’emergency’ backpack,” an identification tag, and a “First Aid”-themed collector’s box. If you’re into limited editions, this seems like a pretty nice one. It’s all quite attractive, as you can see below.

Granzella NIS America Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories limited edition Nintendo Switch release date April

Are you trembling with excitement over Granzella’s Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories? Tell us what you think!

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