disgaea 4 complete+ launch trailer Nintendo Switch

Fans of level-grinding, army-building, hell-razing action via the slapstick anime stylings of Nippon Ichi can finally celebrate the launch of their latest fix. Disgaea 4 Complete+, a Nintendo Switch port of the iconic fourth entry in the long-running Disgaea franchise, is out today. To celebrate, publisher NIS America has put together a juicy launch trailer for the delightfully devilish game.

Originally launched back in 2011 for PlayStation 3, Disgaea 4 is a wild comedic strategy RPG that is equal parts goofy anime insanity and grind-heavy number-crunching goodness. You play as Valvatorez, a once feared vampire tyrant who now works a dead-end job in the Netherworld as he bides his time to plot a rebellion against the government of hell.

The original release was packed full of stages, characters, and items, but the 2014 Vita re-release titled Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited packed in a substantial amount of new features, stories, systems, and characters. Now, all of that extra content is included in the brand new Switch release of the game, along with updated HD visuals and resolution. Additionally, post-launch support aims to add competitive online features that let you face off with other players on custom stages.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is available now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.


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