NIS in financial trouble / Nippon Ichi Software Disgaea developer

The developer behind the Disgaea series, Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), is not doing well financially. According to an article from Otakomu, which has been translasted by Josh Torres of RPG Site, the most recent titles from the company are not performing well in sales. Because of the numerous financial troubles, NIS reportedly can no longer pay its own employees.

One source of poor revenue is their most recent mobile title, Disgaea RPG, which has suffered from several issues since launch. In response, NIS removed the game from the market to fix it. Unfortunately, this means that NIS has been making no money from the game in the meantime.

In a last-ditch effort to save the company, NIS has issued a Moving Strike (MS) Warrant. In the stock market, an MS is used as a way to raise money without borrowing from banks or investors.

Simply put, NIS will start to sell their stocks at really cheap prices. Unfortunately, this causes the company’s overall value to drop in the process.

It’s tough to see a company like NIS go through financial troubles. The Disgaea series has a pretty large following, so I’m personally hoping they can pull through this. The most recent entry, Disgaea 5, was even ported to Nintendo Switch, reaching sales of over 100,000 units.

As for the Western side of things, NIS America normally publishes games to help make international releases a reality. They have published several Danganronpa titles in North America and some Persona games in Europe, as well as many other fan favorites.

Here’s hoping NIS can get through these tough times. Let’s all play our favorite games from them to show our support!


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