Disney Infinity 4.0 pre-alpha footage

Disney Infinity was one of the major toys-to-life franchises on the market before Disney Interactive swiftly pulled the plug on it and canceled the series back in 2016. While there was still plenty planned for the bustling Disney video game series, none of it ever came to be. Thankfully, a recently uploaded video gives us a lengthy look at what Disney Infinity 4.0 might have been.

This pre-alpha footage shows off the development milestones for a campaign level from Disney Infinity 4.0, sporting the subtitle “Kingdoms.” In it, we see Aladdin teaming up with Star Wars veteran Yoda and a few other Marvel and Pixar companions to save Agrabah from Jafar and Boba Fett.

The footage shows off all the major gameplay moments players would have encountered in the massive crossover campaign. The video shows characters battling Star Wars droids and evading turret fire. It even caps off with a boss fight against a giant snake version of Jafar.

While Disney is making plenty of films and video games at the moment, Disney Infinity is still shelved indefinitely.


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