Disney-themed Nintendo Switch disney tsum tsum festival

Nintendo has previously released special edition Nintendo Switch bundles for games like Pokémon: Let’s Go and Mario Tennis Aces. The company recently announced its newest Switch game bundle. And this special Switch will come with a Disney theme.

The Disney-themed Nintendo Switch will launch alongside Disney Tsum Tsum Festival on Oct. 10. This special bundle includes the Nintendo Switch hardware, Tsum Tsum Festival software, and additional DLC for the game.

The Disney-themed Nintendo Switch has currently only been announced for Japan. There is no indication whether this special console will receive a global release. In any case, Japanese fans can get their hands on this system for about ¥36,000, or about $330.

Nintendo has announced many new hardware updates for the Nintendo Switch in recent months. Most prominent among these is the newly-announced Nintendo Switch Lite, an exclusively handheld variant of the Nintendo Switch console. However, Nintendo has also announced Joy-Con with different colors and a new Switch model that has better battery life. The Disney-themed Nintendo Switch appears to be the newer variant with a longer-lasting battery.

A closer look at the Disney-themed Nintendo Switch

The Disney Switch is decorated with Disney icons on every part of the console. The system features images from the Tsum Tsum series on the Switch dock, the Joy-Con, and the handheld console.

The switch dock sports the Tsum Tsum name on either side of the Nintendo Switch logo. In addition, the dock features versions of four classic Disney characters: Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Winnie the Pooh. These same four characters appear on the back of the handheld console, along with the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival logo.

Of course, the Disney Switch also includes specially designed Joy-Con. The left Joy-Con is purple, while the right Joy-Con is pink. These controllers include the Tsum Tsum decorations featured throughout the rest of the special Switch. In addition, Mickey Mouse ears come out of the top of the home button on the right Joy-Con.

Disney-themed Nintendo Switch disney tsum tsum festival Disney-themed Nintendo Switch disney tsum tsum festival


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