F-Zero Climax fan translation

Do you know what I miss? F-Zero. The racing game has been stuck in limbo for many years (mostly because of Nintendo). In fact, the last title in the series was only released in Japan, on the GBA, back in 2004. Fans eager to play the game, dubbed F-Zero Climax, now have the means to do so via fan translation.

I didn’t even know F-Zero Climax existed

The community that brought about this patch, known as the “F-Zero Climax Translation Project,” released the unofficial translation today. Homebrew artist @GaucheArtist shared as much via Twitter:

And here’s footage of the game, courtesy of YouTuber ShiryuGL:

Man, why didn’t the rest of the world get this? It looks great! Even better than the GBA entry we did receive, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Nothing beats the GBA’s aesthetic.

Gamers can access the ROM via the internet. This is probably going to be the only way to experience the last F-Zero game ever made. We all know how Nintendo is with its backwards compatibility, after all. Still, we can always hope for a more positive future with a new futuristic racer.

Enthusiasts, are you going to give the F-Zero Climax fan translation a spin? Let us know below.

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