The Japanese streams have continued, and with that we\’ve gotten more unlockable characters! Series veterans Jigglypuff and Doctor Mario, the latter making his first appearance since Melee, return to join Mario series newcomer Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. rides around in his Koopa Kar, has alternate costumes of all seven Koopalings, and has Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine as his Final Smash.

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Bowser Jr. fights with cannons and boxing gloves  that come from his Koopa Kar. Both Jigglypuff and Doctor Mario seem relatively unchanged, though. Doctor Mario is still blasting pills from his palm and Jigglypuff is still putting opponents to sleep…and himself, too! It’s worth noting, however, that Doctor Mario retains his Mario Tornado Down-B special. In Melee, both Mario and Doctor Mario have this same special, but in Brawl, Mario’s was removed in favor of the F.L.U.D.D., which is still in his moveset in the new Smash Bros.



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