Many people got excited about the opportunity to swing from vine to vine again, eating a banana, and pounding their crazy Donkey Kong chests in the Wii’s classic Donkey Kong Country Returns on the 3DS, but now some fans may really go bananas.  It turns out that now Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS has been outsourced to a different banana bunch.  This time around Monster Games will be taking on the project, and according to an article on Nintendo Life, there was a rumor going around that Monster was working on an entirely new Donkey Kong game but now that rumor can make like a banana and split.

After three years it will be interesting to see if Monster Games can retain some of the classic elements that Retro Studios put into the game such as the great colorful jungle scenes, funky jungle music, and great play control reminiscent of the original SNES series.  Corbie Dillard on staff at Nintendo Life remembers the original Donkey Kong Country Returns fondly saying,

\”It might have been a long wait for a new Donkey Kong Country title, but after a few minutes of playing Retro’s new rumble in the jungle, you\’ll realise it was more than worth it.\”

We will have to wait until the new port of Donkey Kong Country Returns comes to the 3DS to check back in and see what Mr. Dillard thinks.  Let Nintendo Enthusiast know if you plan on picking up a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and what your hoping to see and experience.  Also, leave us  a comment here about what you think of the decision to switch developers.


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