Castle Kong

Castle Kong, from independent developer Drowning Monkeys Games, is coming to PC on June 5, and it will arrive on Switch a month later on July 5. The 2D platformer is heavily inspired by the original Donkey Kong in name and nature, featuring level layouts reminiscent of DK‘s prime adventure. The overall visual style is certainly a more modern look, though.

Castle Kong

Alongside the PC release, the Castle Kong developers are launching a challenge competition. The first player to beat the game will get a $5000 reward. High score challenges are also coming. The beat-the-game challenge ends June 6 and is exclusive to Steam players, whereas the high score challenges run through September 5. This of course means that Switch players can get in on the high score action. The prizes are as follows:

  • Highest Score (Other than the winning contestant): $1250
  • 2nd Highest Score $1000
  • 3rd Highest Score $500
  • 4th-9th Highest Scores $250

Beating the game in a day for $5000 may seem easy, but Castle Kong is designed as a tough, retro-inspired experience. Players only get three lives to complete the entire game, which spans 22 levels across four different stages. For a limited time, the game is available with a 33% discount ahead of its release.

If you’re interested in putting your skills to the test, the competition and its rules are here.

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