Don’t Get Caught, the inappropriate stealth game, isn’t coming to Switch


Don’t Get Caught, the hugely inappropriate stealth game from Ultimate Games, will no longer launch on the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally slated for a release on the console next week on July 13. However, the developer has since clarified that this listing was a mistake. The game won’t be hitting Nintendo’s hybrid console after all.

Not safe for the Switch

Don’t Get Caught is a game in which players need to climax without being caught. As you can see in the trailer, one example of a level is reaching climax while in the back of a stranger’s car. The game actually caused Nintendo Life to call Nintendo’s review process into question, as the trailer reveals that the player character is actually sitting next to a child during that particular level. Other levels in the PC version of the game aren’t quite as disgusting, such as setting the player character in their own bedroom while avoiding the wandering eyes of their mother.

Overall though, it still seemed hugely inappropriate for the Nintendo Switch at best. Somehow the game received a PEGI rating of only 16+. That may simply be due to the sexual content, but it seems like it should be higher.

Since Nintendo Life published their piece questioning how the game could come to the Switch, the developers reached out to them in response. They explained that the game wasn’t launching for the Switch and the store listing was a mistake. Said store listing has since been removed. The fact remains, though, that it was still on the Nintendo eShop, with the pretty disgusting trailer, at one point.

Don’t Get Caught has gained some notoriety through YouTubers such as Markiplier, who has even made a video on the sequel. What is possibly part of the appeal for these content creators is the fact that they have been included as images that players can view in the game.


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