Doom 64

Until today, little of value had come out of last month’s discovery of a stealthy PEGI rating for DOOM 64. The game has shown up once again, this time on the Australian Classification Board. While no platforms are indicated here, and the original PEGI leak only mentioned PC and PS4, a Switch release for a new DOOM 64 port seems likely given its original release on a Nintendo platform and the recent Switch releases of the first DOOM trilogy (Bethesda account controversy and all).

Frankly, I thought we would have seen the now all-but-confirmed DOOM 64 port by now. Though, given how the original trilogy’s ports dropping by surprise during QuakeCon, I suppose we could wake up to some more tangible DOOM 64 news any day now.

Do you think that DOOM 64 will make it to Switch? Between the game showing up on multiple rating boards, it being DOOM‘s 25th anniversary, and other classic games from the series being ported to the system, I think that the odds are in our favor. The Switch has become one heck of a console for fans of the Hell-trekking franchise already, with the original trilogy, the latest reboot, and its upcoming sequel all either available on or slated for the system.


Andrew Rockett
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