The DOOM franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary in style. Yesterday, DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3 were released on Switch by surprise. Now, a rating for DOOM 64 has shown up on PEGI’s website. The rating seems to have been removed, but you can see screenshots here. While the PEGI entry only mentions availability for PC and PlayStation 4, the recent PEGI ratings for DOOM and DOOM II listed only the same platforms, and those ports made it to Switch yesterday. Hopefully, DOOM 64 will follow suit–it would only make sense, after all, since DOOM 64 began as a Nintendo title.

Now, while the idea of DOOM 64 on Switch is exciting, if yesterday’s trio of ports is anything to go by, you should be prepared for a few hurdles. The Switch ports of the original DOOM trilogy have held a few demonic surprises for players, the most notable of which is necessitating a Bethesda account in order to play DOOM and DOOM II. Trying to play without logging in will show you the prompt below, as tweeted by @NintendDaan.

Hopefully, a DOOM 64 port will fall in line with DOOM 3 and not throw random obstacles in between players and Hell-conquering action. This weekend, the Switch has morphed into a portable DOOM machine by surprise, but random account requirements will not bode well for port accessibility.

So, does this excite you? Do you think DOOM 64 will make it to Switch? Have you been playing the original DOOM trilogy on Switch already, or does the account requirement turn you off?

Andrew Rockett
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