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Doom 64 Switch and Nintendo 64 graphics compared in video

QuakeCon 2020 doom-64-switch-version-nintendo-switch nintendo 64 comparison

A video comparing the graphics in the Doom 64 Switch version to the original Nintendo 64 version has been released by GameXplain. The video shows the two games side by side and shows just how much of an improvement the Switch version is over the original. Since this is a remaster, this latest version of the game, available on multiple platforms, remains extremely faithful to the original in terms of gameplay and mission layout.

The same, but better

Those wanting the game that they fondly remember playing on Nintendo 64 will find exactly what they’re looking for. Right from the start of the video it’s possible to see that the Doom 64 Switch version is a spot-on remaster of the original. In the opening cutscene it’s possible to see that not only have improvements to lighting been made, but everything looks a lot crisper, and the frame rate has been dramatically improved.

The interiors around the first mission look good, but it’s the outdoor sections that will blow you away. While the skybox doesn’t look that different, it seems to be far more vibrant thanks to the updated textures. It makes it easier to see enemies moving around and dodging your shots, whilst they blast a few rockets back in your direction.

Doom 64 is available on Nintendo Switch right now. Unfortunately Doom Eternal is not, but we’ll update you as soon as we have a firm release date.


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