Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One trailer shows off new thrills

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One trailer id Software Bethesda DLC expansion

During Gamescom: Opening Night Live yesterday, the first full trailer for the Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One DLC expansion was revealed. Up until now all we’d had was a teaser. Meanwhile, the base game has still yet to launch on Nintendo Switch, without even a release date. Despite that, we can look forward to murdering ancient gods like the Doom Slayer does in this video.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One picks up after your victory against the hordes of Hell. Earth is safe, but your efforts have caused a terrible shift in the balance of the heavens. This expansion will see players take on the role of the Doom Slayer once more, as they attempt to restore the balance they destroyed in a new area of the Doom universe.

Anyone with the Doom Eternal Year One Pass will get this expansion for free. Bethesda also confirmed that Doom Eternal will launch for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and owners of the current-gen version on the corresponding console will be able to receive a free upgrade for it.

The continued lack of announcements for Panic Button’s Switch port of the game is disheartening, but maybe if we’re lucky, the Switch version will end up coming bundled with the Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods DLC as part of the package. We just have to watch and wait for news from Bethesda or id Software.


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