Doom Eternal TV spot shows what it takes to be eternal

doom eternal tv spot commercial

Bethesda has released a Doom Eternal TV spot. The new trailer for the game may be short, but it shows exactly what’s required to become eternal. The sequel to the Doom reboot, which came to Nintendo Switch in November 2017, is slated to release on March 20, 2020. The game still hasn’t been given a concrete release date for Nintendo Switch, but that’s probably a good thing with Animal Crossing: New Horizons launching on the same day. Besides, we know Panic Button is working diligently on the port.

Be eternal

As you can see, the three key aspects required to become eternal are power, defiance, and courage. Power will come from the vast array of weapons that players are able to get their hands on. In the Doom Eternal TV spot, we catch a glimpse of some classics like the shotgun. We’re also given a good look at a few of the new weapons being added to our arsenal in in the game. The sword looks to be one particularly outstanding weapon, allowing players to fight up close with hellish enemies wielding melee weapons that draw on a similar power.

Courage is something that all Doom Eternal players will possess because it’s easy to jump into a fight when you have a shotgun, but defiance will come from the game’s story. One thing that this game doubles down on is lore, and previews have shown that there’s a lot of it to digest. From the few seconds we get to see it, an angelic form appears to be trying to control your actions, and we know all too well how the Doom Slayer reacts to instructions.


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