A trio of DOOM titles launched on Switch back in July. DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3 all descended on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and FPS fans were stoked to play the classic games. However, some issues still persist today. Besides the ridiculous mandatory login requirements (which are now optional due to public outcry), there are also performance problems with the first two titles in the series. Music was slowed down, lighting effects were non-existent…the games are a bit of a mess. Fret not, though, as Bethesda has an announcement. DOOM and DOOM II will get a patch to address these concerns.

How DOOM and DOOM II have complications in 2019 is beyond me

Here is proof from Twitter the DOOM team is hard at work ironing out these difficulties:

Goodie. While I am legitimately shocked such old titles are not close to perfect recreations on Switch, I’m still happy Bethesda is working on a fix. The company could have done nothing and focused its efforts solely on DOOM Eternal. Hopefully, this patch hits sooner rather than later. I’m sure gamers want to experience classic DOOM in the best way possible before DOOM Eternal releases in November.

Enthusiasts of ripping and tearing, have you purchased DOOM and DOOM II on Switch already? Does the upcoming patch renew your faith in Bethesda or is this too little, too late? Let us know in the comment field below.

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