Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Classic Doom is pretty much the Skyrim of retro gaming, in that it appears on every system imaginable and has a rich history of mods. The latter is what we’re concerned with today–we’re taking a look at a Doom II mod that reimagines Zombies Ate My Neighbors as an FPS. The mod, by Dude27th on moddb, is a faithful rebuild of the 1993 SNES classic with all of the sights and sounds of the original game. Relying on GZDoom modding software, a playable demo has been around since July of last year, but a two-day-old video update shows that things are coming along really well. Give it a watch for yourself below.

Looks good, right? Doom II is an extremely malleable creative outlet for modders everywhere. By looks alone, the colorful, run-and-gun fun of Zombies Ate My Neighbors seems to translate quite well to an FPS. Hopefully, Dude27th can cap off development without a hitch and launch the full mod this year, as planned.

Have you tried out any Doom II mods? How do you think this mod will turn out? I’m pretty enthusiastic about giving it a try. Even though I have never really thought of Zombies Ate My Neighbors as a fun little run-and-gun SNES game, I now need to try it as an FPS ASAP after seeing that video.

Andrew Rockett
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