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Brawler fans have a lot to be happy about this holiday season: Publisher Majesco Entertainment and developer WayForward are bringing Double Dragon: Neon to Nintendo Switch on Dec. 21. The co-op beat ’em up brings back “totally radical martial arts masters” Billy and Jimmy Lee, who are fighting to defeat the “sinister overlord of evil,” Skullmageddon. (Yes, the plot has a hundred times the depth of The Lord of the Rings.) The game originally released back in 2012, but now it’s at last making an appearance on a modern platform. There’s a new trailer to refresh you on the Double Dragon: Neon experience.

Double Dragon: Neon comes with the following features, per Majesco and WayForward:

  • An 80s classic reimagined through the lens of neon nostalgia!
  • Brawl through ten stages solo or with a buddy in local co-op.
  • Time your dodges perfectly for stylish ‘Gleam’ counter-attacks.
  • What game has a dedicated High Five button? This one!
  • The greatest skeletal villain this side of ‘80s cartoons – Skullmageddon!
  • All the bone-related puns you can stand! They’re very humerus!
  • Punch all the things! Robots! A giant tank! Your own mutant clone!
  • A toe-tapping, genre-hopping soundtrack by Jake “Virt” Kaufman.

If that didn’t sell you on the game, well, I don’t know what will. You’ll be able to play Double Dragon: Neon in just a few weeks on Nintendo Switch! But if you can’t wait that long, definitely check out the surprisingly high-quality Cobra Kai game on Switch.

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