Doug Bowser favorite video game is Myst

Doug Bowser may be the president of Nintendo of America, but he’s not a corporate robot. If you ask the man what his favorite video game of all time is, he isn’t obligated to answer with a Nintendo game. And in fact — he didn’t. University of Utah Magazine asked Doug Bowser for his favorite game, movie, book, and (ugh) college sport. And on the subject of games, he answered with PC puzzle adventure classic Myst:

My favorite game of all time is Myst—a deep, immersive, problemsolving game with very little dialogue. The graphics just amazed me. I finished the first three editions. My favorite game now is Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. I’m very close to completing it and collecting all the Moons.

Mentioning Super Mario Odyssey as a current favorite comes as no surprise though. The game is a total masterpiece, whether or not you happen to be heading up a huge part of that company’s business. It’s also not a surprise that Bowser has yet to finish the game, seeing how he probably works 70-80-hour weeks.

And for those wondering, Bowser’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music, his favorite book is The Power of Full Engagement, and his favorite college sports team is… whatever the Utes are. I guess it’s that school’s team? I dunno, man.

What do you think of Doug Bowser’s pick of Myst as his all-time favorite? Highly respectable, right?


John Friscia
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