8-bit Dr. Mario World update character added classic retro NES Dr. Mario

One of Nintendo’s recent mobile offerings, Dr. Mario World, is getting a new character today. To celebrate his 30th birthday, 8-bit Dr. Mario has been added to the roster. He’ll be bringing some new abilities to the table, both in Stage mode and Versus mode, and is available from today until Aug. 30.

In Stage mode, 8-bit Dr. Mario’s new skill is to immediately eliminate three special viruses. Over in the Versus mode, he will have the ability to prevent opponents from controlling half-capsules for a total duration of four seconds. His Versus mode stats have also been shared in a short Dr. Mario World clip posted out to Twitter.

That same account also posted out a fun clip celebrating Dr. Mario‘s 30th anniversary. Here, 8-bit Dr. Mario appears from his magic magnifying glass and shows off what he can do in Dr. Mario World. This character addition follows Dr. Goomba Tower and Dr. Baby Mario, whom were both added earlier this year.

Now, we’d love to see an acknowledgement of this anniversary beyond mobile Dr. Mario World via some release for Nintendo Switch, but it remains a quiet year for Nintendo first-party games. Hopefully we will see the much-rumored slate of 3D Mario remasters later this year, which are set to celebrate a more well-known birthday.


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