Dr. Mario World Dr. Baby Wario

Dr. Mario World is a bit all over the place with its roster, which explains how Dr. Baby Wario is now joining the Mushroom Kingdom medical field’s long battle against primary-colored viruses. You’ll be able to don Wario’s baby-sized labcoat at 6:00 AM ET tomorrow, June 26. An official Dr. Mario World Twitter account revealed the news in the Tweet below.

Dr. Mario World is not Baby Wario’s first appearance in a Nintendo game, but it is just his second (he’s young, give him a break). Baby Wario was one of multiple baby companions available in 2006’s Yoshi’s Island DS. The magnet you see Baby Mario holding up in the tweet above? Baby Wario used a similar magnet in Yoshi’s Island DS to grab coins and move giant hunks of metal. True to form.

Do you still play Dr. Mario World? What do you think of its increasingly ridiculous roster? It has always looked like a solid mobile game to me, but I don’t really do mobile games. That’s partially out of my own disinterest and a little bit because my rather old phone can’t run anything without tanking its heavily diminished battery life. I don’t think I’m missing out on much, but if Nintendo keeps throwing in random baby variants of its characters, then maybe I’ll have to give Dr. Mario World a second look.


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