Chinese gamers are review bombing Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World has received an update that brings some new content and events to the mobile game. Chief among them is a brand new area added to World 21, alongside new events, store packs, and more. All of the new content is now live in Dr. Mario World on mobile, with some of the events expiring soon.

The brand new area added to World 21 contains 20 new levels in the game’s Stage Mode. Stages 821 to 840 are now available there, and there’s a selection of rewards for playing through them. Clearing the levels grants the Dr. Roy character, a Medal, 1000 coins, a Heart for 30 minutes of infinite play, and a Staff Ticket.

There are also a selection of events now live in Dr. Mario World that run Nov. 12. The latest Battle Box Boost event is one of them, reducing the amount of keys required to open boxes to just three. Then there’s a special event for collecting the game’s clear stars, and doing so will net you some rewards. Additionally, the developer has increased doctor appearance rate by 1.5x until Nov. 12.

Dr Mario World Morton Dr. Mario World Dr. Morton

Finally, the week’s specialists and store options have been revealed. Dr. Mario, Dr. Kamek, Dr. Morton, and Dr. Baby Mario are the specialists for the week. The Dr. Fire Rosalina Pack and the Dr. Baby Peach Referral pack are the two store options from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12.

Are you still playing Dr. Mario World?


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