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In an upcoming addition to Dr. Mario World on mobile devices, Dr. Morton is joining the character roster. This new addition follows last month’s update, where spectacle Dr. Boo marked the game’s 40th cast member. The Twitter announcement comes with a funny anecdote too, as Dr. Morton gained the fewest votes in a poll asking people what Koopaling they thought was coming next.

Evidently, people thought other characters would be a better doctor fit, but Dr. Morton is here anyway. In Dr. Mario World, he’ll be joined by a selection of new stages too when the update drops later today.

The stages were teased on Twitter, but no additional details were given. It does appear that the pictured stages were revealed previously, as the account says they may look familiar. Still, these “new” stages have an autumnal theme, like most Halloween-time game updates. We’re almost surprised Dr. Morton isn’t dressed as a pumpkin or something.

It’s great to see Nintendo continue to support its mobile offerings. Dr. Mario World, along with Mario Kart Tour, continues to get regular content drops to keep them relevant. On release, we enjoyed Dr. Mario World, and new content additions are always welcome.

The Dr. Mario World update containing Dr. Morton drops Oct. 21 at 11 p.m. PT.


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