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With the one-and-a-half year anniversary of Dragalia Lost coming up, the teams at Nintendo and Cygames are gearing up to treat their fans. The anniversary celebration was a major bash, so I’ve been looking forward to what they’ve got planned for the 18-monther since they announced the Dragalia Digest the other day. Among other things, it’s bringing another Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event.

Dragalia Lost is no stranger to crossovers. Starting with Fire Emblem Heroes last year, the gacha game has proven to be wonderfully adept at adapting other franchises. So to celebrate 1.5 years since its launch, we’ve got two FEH crossover events in the works. According to the Dragalia Digest video, they’ll be repeating the original event starting on April 19 and powering up the four characters from that banner. Directly after that, a new event will start at the end of the month.

More coming to Dragalia Lost

There’s more exciting news for fans besides the crossover, of course. The team is adding new abilities and power-ups for existing characters, changing the way bonuses are applied in co-op games, and rolling out some previously announced features, like the encyclopaedia. Also, starting today, there’s a daily bonus that features a new chibi dragon, Mini Zodi. He is a regal and majestic dragon, yes he is.

Finally, we’ve got some updates for the story.

Stop here if you don’t want spoilers!

The next Dragalia Lost chapter will update in April and will explore the results of Phares’ research and experiments, as well as formally introduce the lost brother. June will see Chapter 14, which will bring the overarching story to a climax as the Prince’s army finally invades the capital in an attempt to rescue Zethia. The Dragalia Digest even gives a peek at Chapter 15, coming in August.

Watch the Dragalia Digest for every last detail!


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