Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Dragalia Lost First Anniversary

It’s the first anniversary of Dragalia Lost! The mobile gacha title has captivated many fans with its cute characters, cool dragons, and surprisingly good story. Nintendo released a video featuring everything players can look forward to, including a Mega Man crossover called “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol.”

Dragalia Lost login bonuses and other perks

Dragalia Lost will be providing numerous login bonuses, like 5,000 Wyrmite on the first day. Mini Mids, a chibi version of the game’s headline dragon Midgardsormr, comes on day two. Ten days will feature login bonuses, along with 10 days of free Tenfold Summons. The in-game currency required to buy one Tenfold Summon costs $24.99 in real-world money normally! Sometimes mobile gaming is a cruel mistress.

Dragalia Lost Mini Mids login bonus

Mini Mids needs to be a plush toy.

Additionally, they’re throwing a special Gala Dragalia. This time, the main character, the Prince himself, is getting a chase variant, changing element from fire to light. There will also be a banner that guarantees one of the five Gala characters, but this requires the use of real-world money. Luckily, they’re throwing a first anniversary sale.

Another upcoming feature that many fans will enjoy is the ability to change the song that plays on the home screen. J-Pop star Daoko has provided tons of music for the game. She even performed a special track celebrating the first anniversary, fittingly titled “a n n i v e r s a r y.”

Dragalia’s future

Yuji Okada, Dragalia Lost’s director, said the team is adding harder bosses because apparently the endgame wasn’t hard enough. These challenges will provide greater rewards for the top-tier players. I’m getting a strong Android 17 vibe from the guy below.

new Dragalia bosses

Starting in December, story updates will be more frequent. The team is aiming for a full chapter every two months, with extra story snippets periodically to keep players invested. Additionally, they’ll be adding the ability to play past events at any time.

Mega Man: Chaos Protocol crossover

Okada also announced that this winter will see a crossover with Mega Man in an event called “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol.” He gave no more details, but more will be revealed on Oct. 1. Previously, Dragalia Lost held an event featuring Fire Emblem Heroes characters, so guest characters are a given. However, the sci-fi hero Mega Man was completely unexpected.

Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Dragalia Lost crossover

The video contains many more announcements, including changes to how the game is played, new weapons, new characters, and more. New players will also get bonuses if they start playing during the event. All of this starts Sept. 26 or 27 (depending where you live).

Fellow Dragalia Lost players, are you as excited as I am about these announcements? Have you been hoarding Wyrmite, waiting for this day to come? Are you looking forward to the Blue Bomber joining the Hero King in a game that’s not Super Smash Bros.? Let us know!


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