Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay breakdown video closed beta registration dates signup revealed Bandai Namco Dimps

When publisher Bandai Namco and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 developer Dimps revealed asymmetrical survival game Dragon Ball: The Breakers last week, the whole internet did a collective head turn. Making a game where seven random people are just trying to survive an attack from Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu is extremely unexpected yet kind of brilliant. Now, Bandai Namco is back with a Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay breakdown video that provides closed beta test registration signup and dates.

As previously explained, players can play as regular “survivors” or the “raider” (Cell, etc.), and survivors’ goal is to activate and escape in the Super Time Machine. To activate it, survivors must collect a “power key” from each area of the map to energize it, then defend the Super Time Machine for a set period of time before it activates. Apparently, you don’t need to collect every power key, but it will make the machine power up much faster if you do grab them all.

If the Startup System for the Super Time Machine is destroyed, it is not game over for survivors and your Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay experience will continue. Rather, beacons will appear on the map to summon an “emergency time machine,” but only one can be summoned at a time — so survivors have to decide whether to escape individually or alone. If the raider destroys even one of these time machines though, you can’t summon any more of them. Also, if survivors just run out of time to escape, the raider wins in that scenario too.

As for the raider perspective during Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay, the raider can evolve across the course of the match. For instance, Cell starts out as a small, seemingly weak larva but can evolve after absorbing NPCs or survivors. Each new stage of evolution grants greater power and new abilities. In its final form, a raider can use an Ultimate Special Attack that does enormous damage. Plus, each time the raider evolves, it can destroy one entire area of the map, reducing the playable area for survivors. (That’s so cool.)

Both survivors and raiders have assorted active and passive skills to use during Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay. For instance, survivors can transform into random things Oolong-style and hope to hide from the raider. They can also collect a special currency that allows them to temporarily channel the soul of a powerful warrior like Vegeta for a Dragon Change. However, these powers still aren’t enough to beat a raider and should be used as a “temporary countermeasure.” Additionally — and as expected — the game has seven Dragon Balls you can find and collect to make a wish that can power up the survivors or the raider.

The end of the Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay video provides all of the closed beta test dates, occurring December 3 and 4 or 4 and 5 depending on your region, and signup has begun.


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