Dragon Marked for Death delayed physical release date digital release

A host of good, bad, and strange news has come out for Dragon Marked for Death, a cooperative sidescrolling action RPG by beloved Inti Creates. For starters, the game has been delayed to Jan. 31, 2019. It was originally scheduled for this Dec. 13. The reason offered for the delay from the developer’s blog is that they want the digital and physical versions of the game to release simultaneously.

Aaand that brings us to the second piece of news: Dragon Marked for Death is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch courtesy of Nighthawk Interactive. The physical release will feature every playable character and be a full version of the game. You might think that’s an obvious detail that should go without saying, but it’s not because…

Third piece of news: The digital release of Dragon Marked for Death will come in two versions, each one containing only two of the four characters and retailing for $14.99 each. The Frontline Fighters version will offer up the Empress and Warrior characters, DPS and tank classes that are considered easier to play. The Advanced Attackers version will feature the Shinobi and Witch characters, which require more technical expertise to use successfully. Regardless of which version you choose to buy, you can then buy the other version as DLC to own the complete experience for roughly $30 in total. There is no word on the price tag of the physical release yet.

Cutting Dragon Marked for Death in half is smart

Splitting Dragon Marked for Death into two downloads for its digital release is a really unorthodox — but ultimately clever — move. It cuts the cost to entry in half (assuming the physical release also retails for $30), which will entice many people who game on a tight budget to give it a chance. There is really no downside here for anyone, except that people will have to wait an extra minute or two for the other two characters to download. We can all live with that.

Anyway, below you can check out a new animated trailer for the game that conveys practically nothing and just wastes almost two minutes of your life:

Are you still hyped for Dragon Marked for Death? Is it maybe better that this game won’t get lost in the holiday rush now? I certainly hope so. I’m excited for the game strictly because it’s from Inti Creates, and I can play anything that has great pixel art like theirs!


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