Dragon Quest 1 2 3 physical release Asia

Have you finished Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition? I certainly haven’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m not eyeing the recently listed physical editions of some great classics from the series’s past.

Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation remain excellent role-playing games even today. They have sweeping soundtracks, art direction from the legendary Akira Toriyama, and solid RPG gameplay.

Updated sprites are one of a few upgrades from the original NES Dragon Quest games

Courtesy of Play-Asia, you can now preorder a cartridge that contains all three of these games. While it may be from a different region, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any region-locking so the game will play on any system. Also, since these are RPGs with large storylines, you’ll be relieved to see that an English option is available on the cart. If you’d rather purchase the games digitally, they’re currently available on the eShop.

The Switch versions of Dragon Quest 1 , 2, and 3 include various graphical enhancements that were made in the mobile versions of the game, in addition to some extra changes to sprites. While menus and sprites have been updated, the environments retain their pixelated aesthetic. I find that the pixel art and the cleaner digital sprites don’t mix very well, but I’m sure it’ll be easy to get used to after a few hours. You can see this in action and judge for yourself in the trailer below.

This collection is worth it alone for seeing how far the series has come if you’re enjoying Dragon Quest XI or if you’ve played the games previously and want to relive that nostalgia.

Are you thinking about picking up this collection of retro RPGs? Let us know in the comments.


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