Dragon Quest Builders 2 gets extra long Jumbo Demo on Switch eShop

Last summer, one of the best building and survival games I’ve ever played came out for the Nintendo Switch. No, it wasn’t a new Minecraft update or a port of Rust that runs at 2 frames per second. I’m talking about Dragon Quest Builders 2. This incredible game combined the addictive mechanics of games like Minecraft and Terraria with the gorgeous and iconic art of the Dragon Quest world. A free demo was available at launch that gave you a taste of the full experience, but now a new Jumbo Demo is offering you an entire slice of the pie.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 gets extra long Jumbo Demo on Switch eShop

Released today on the Nintendo eShop, the Jumbo Demo for Dragon Quest Builders 2 runs significantly longer than the previous demo did. Now, players can not only experience the lengthy opening scenes and the massive first island, Isle of Awakening, but they can also travel to the second island of the game. In Furrowfield, you can help villagers rebuild their town and engage in hours of additional questing, building, and adventuring. All of this content combined easily equates to the first 5-10 hours of the game, depending on how quick you play. If you get addicted and want to pick up where you left off with a full copy of the game, no worries. You can import your Jumbo Demo save data into the full version of Dragon Quest Builders 2, just like the obese demo for Dragon Quest XI S allows save transfer to the full game.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the free Jumbo Demo are available now on the Nintendo eShop.


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