Dragon Star Varnir Switch

The Compile Heart RPG, Dragon Star Varnir, is getting a Nintendo Switch version this spring in Japan. This week’s issue of Famitsu (via Ryokutya2089) reveals that it will release as an eShop title.

The magazine leak didn’t contain any further details for the upcoming release, so we don’t know if it’ll have any new features for the Switch version. However, considering that it will be a digital-only title for a game first released over two years ago, expect it to be more of a direct port.

Idea Factory originally released Dragon Star Varnir for PlayStation 4 in Japan in October 2018. The RPG launched worldwide in June 2019, followed by PC via Steam in October 2019. The gameplay offers a twist on the turn-based battle system with a unique three-tier system. Party members can also transform into dragons and devour weakened enemies to obtain their skills.

The story follows a knight named Zephy who’s tasked with hunting down witches, and these aren’t your average witches. Witches in this world are people cursed with the affliction of giving birth to dragons. Keep in mind that “birthing” a dragon also comes with excruciating pain that results in death, so it’s understandable why the people don’t want any part of that. One day while out on a mission, Zephy comes close to dying but is saved by two mysterious witches who feed him a dose of dragon blood.

Dragon Star Varnir launches for the Nintendo Switch this spring in Japan.


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