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Dreamscaper was revealed for Nintendo Switch last year, at the Nintendo Indie World showcase. This top-down action RPG is coming to Steam Early Access this summer, with a Switch version also imminent. For now, it’s a timed console exclusive to Nintendo’s platform. During the IGN Summer of Gaming event, the developer revealed a new gameplay demo of Dreamscaper.

This may be footage of the upcoming early access build on PC, but we do get to see what this one has to offer. Right off the bat, the art style is beautiful and definitely captures the game’s title. Dreamscaper looks like it contains a ton of combat options too, which are explained in more detail during the gameplay demo.

The video clip also shows off both “dreams” and “nightmares” in the game, which appear to work like non-combat and combat sections of the game, respectively. The dreams sections have a strong focus on story, allowing the player to unlock story vignettes based on character interactions. Then you move into “nightmares,” which bring in the combat and get to the core of the roguelite action RPG elements.

Dreamscaper is launching this summer on Steam Early Access, and a Switch version is set to release in 2020. For many more gameplay details, check out a preview by our sister site, The Escapist.


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