Drug Dealer Simulator Nintendo Switch release date 2020 Byterunners Game Studio Movie Games S.A. UF Games

The year is 2020. Almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. And Drug Dealer Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch. Okay, fine, whatever. The game comes from developer Byterunners Game Studio and publisher Movie Games S.A., and UF Games is handling the Switch port. Whether you want to become a “DRUG DEALING NINJA” or just learn what it was like to be the biggest loser you knew in high school, this game has you covered. (Thanks for the tip, Nintendoswitch.pl.)

Drug Dealer Simulator really does emphasize the simulation aspect. Per Steam (where it actually has “Very Positive” reviews), you have to “prepare” the “merchandise” by creating your own drug concoctions. You also have to smuggle your goods and make sure the police don’t catch you carrying anything. And of course, you have to sell the drugs — the most important part of being a drug dealer. You can spend the money you gain by building your gang, obtaining new equipment, hiring guards, or just “HAVING FUN AND PARTYING.”

At first, I had a less-than-favorable opinion of this title for some unimaginable reason. But our sister website PC Invasion actually wrote up a preview of the PC version of the game, and the author of that article decided to play the game utterly honestly by selling sugar instead of drugs. It’s hilarious, and I would strongly encourage you to read it regardless of your interest level in Drug Dealer Simulator.

This title does not have set a release date on Nintendo Switch yet, but the general aim is to release the game in 2020. Let us know if you’re excited to sell yay out of your apartment to a dude named Skeeter.


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