Nintendo keeps the surprises rolling with Brain Age DS

DS Virtual Console is one of the most anticipated features on the Wii U. Playing slightly up-scaled DS games on a television has many people salivating at the prospects of what games will be released when it finally comes to fruition. Well, in Japan, the wait is over.

Nintendo didn\’t say a peep, but our good friend Dan Koopman posted the following picture on Twitter which showcases Brain Age DS playing on his Wii U. He states that the game was released in Japan with no one even realizing it, and he scooped it up to get some exclusive pictures.


— Daan Koopman (@NintenDaan) June 4, 2014

 So it looks like this may be another Nintendo E3 surprise with a North American release. What games do you want to see on the DS Virtual Console? List them out in the comments section!

Shawn Long
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