Double Dragon physical release

Did any enthusiasts throw down in Double Dragon Neon last year? I did with my partner and they never want to speak of the penultimate boss again. Speaking of Billy and Jimmy, the duo’s Neon outing, plus Double Dragon IV, are getting a physical release from Limited Run Games. Both will be available standalone or as part of sexy new Classic Editions.

Neon is clearly the superior Double Dragon, but it’s nice to see both titles get physical

Here’s a rundown of the various packages, starting with Double Dragon IV:

The base package of IV nets you a physical cartridge with interior art and a game manual for $29.99.

The Classic Edition comes with:

  • Physical cart
  • NES-style dust cover
  • Reversible poster
  • Soundtrack on mini-CD housed in an NES cartridge
  • NES-sized box
  • Billy and Jimmy keychains

The CE costs $69.99.

What about Double Dragon Neon?

Base Neon is just the title on a cart for $29.99. It includes a manual and interior art like IV.

Neon‘s Classic Edition includes:

  • Physical game
  • NES dust cover
  • Poster
  • Soundtrack
  • NES box
  • Three menu screen cards
  • Double-sided metal coin with evil and good emblems
  • Cassette mixtape
  • Pencil
  • Aluminum soda can (does not contain liquid)
  • Billy and Jimmy figures

Since this CE comes with more goodies than IV‘s, it costs a bit more ($84.99).

Pre-orders for all packages go live on May 28 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. You can check out the listings for them here.

Enthusiasts, will any of you be pulling out your credit cards for either Double Dragon physical release? Let us know below.

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